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Formerly known as Medinas Wholesale (FashionistaTrendyThrifty)

About Medinas Wholesale website:

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Medina Wholesale Universal Affiliat Programs


Our business is no longer available, but our service and advertisement is available to the public. 

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of this Business is to provide reliable service. I hope you will enjoy visiting this site.  When you give the best, you will only receive the best. 

Our Employees

We pride on offering an information that leads to saving and satisfaction.  We will never offer you the worst because our aim is always towards the best.

Our Company

We are constantly looking for the best Companies that offer the greatest savings for your money.  We never stop looking so that we may continue to advertise the best prices and nothing less.   We are on a constant search, and we have run into many wonderful offers.  We enjoy sharing such helpful information with you.

Our Shop

I'm not a lawyer and cannot provide you with advice on any giving decision pertaining to the duties of a lawyer. My job is to assure that you understand the step that you are making but can't only refer you to getting the assistance of a lawyer when in doubt.