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Notary For The State Of Florida
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Ursula C. Payano

Welcome to my site!

I'm a public official responsible for observing and authenticating signatures of important documents. I can administers oaths.  I must make sure that the signer identity is as claim and that he or she has a clear understanding of what he is signing. The best way for all business to prevent any kind of fraud is to require a document to be notarized.


Perform a marriage ceremony by solemnizing it.
Notarize foreign documents
If identity and understanding by the signer is established.
Notarize documents from other states with proper documentation.
 Oversee the making of copies of original documents and verify that they are true, unaltered copies,
With the exception of vital or public records.
Act as both witness and notary for the same document

Let me take the opportunity to really introduce myself.  My name is Ursula C. Payano, and I'm a Notary Public for the State Of Florida.  As I stated above, I've been in business since 2011, running a humble business offering the best possible service.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I can speak fluent Spanish, so if you need your document translated, I can also perform those services for you.  I cannot offer advice, but I must make sure that you understand what you are notarizing.  If by any means, I come to the conclusion that you do not understand the document being notarize, I have the rights to decline any service.  If any document is fraudulent and if the necessary documents that prove your identity aren't present, I cannot notarize any giving document.  Please be sure that all necessary documents are available in order to expedite the service.

You bring the documents and the necessary credentials and I will put a stamp on it.

Ursula C. Payano
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