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Notary For The State Of Florida
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Here I will detail my policies in notarizing a document.

Things I cannot perform as a Notary

 cannot prepare or choose the documents for signing.  Often people will come to you for something like a Power of Attorney and expect you to have the forms.  The only forms I'm required to keep and provide are notarization forms when one isn’t provided with the document to be notarized, or if the provided wording is incorrect.  Please be prepare when setting up an appointment to notarize a document..

cannot insert or fill in information signers.   As a Notary you can’t fill in a form to be notarized for someone, unless you are also an authorized provider of that service.  My job is to scan the document for any blanks or missing information.  I can only let the client know so that they themselves can correct any errors. 

cannot advise the signer as to exactly what their answers should be to questions.  Before any giving document is presented to me for notarization, you should have it all prepared.

cannot notarize incomplete forms.  If there are blanks that are to be left blank, “to be added later,” or “N/A” should be filled in by the signer.  All forms presented for notarization must be complete.

cannot backdate or forward date a notarization.  The document that is to be notarized can bear the date it is created or becomes effective, but the notarization of a document is always dated the date it is notarized.  No exceptions.  Notaries have lost their commissions and worse over this issue.

I cannot break or bend the rules,  otherwise I will be force to decline my services.  No subordinations will be tolerated and can be quickly reported to authority.  I can guaranteed, an honorable, respectful and reliable service.

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